About Topkon

TOPKON CONGRESS SERVICE has been organizing congresses since 1990. The company has handled a wide range of activities over the years, from one-day seminars to the complete management of week-long, international congresses for 6000 participants.

Under their dynamic leadership, the "typical" profile of TOPKON CONGRESS SERVICE has evolved enormously.

In an effort to meet the needs of our clients, we broadened the range of services we offered within the company. We began to fine-tune our abilities to build scientific programs. We also developed a sponsorship program that secured industry support for the congresses. We are providing for all of the congress marketing needs: development of a distribution network, the research, design, production of both print and web-based promotion.

Our past success in event management has resulted in long-term relationships with several national societies for whom we have become the official Professional Congress Organizer (PCO) for all future National and International Congresses.

Considering the meetings with 500 or more participants, our agency, has organized 308 congresses with a total of 322.400 participants since its foundation till the end of 2009.
The Number of International Societies our agency works with is 47
The Number of National Societies our agency works withs is 126
3.800 stands and a total of 22.000 m2 of stand area is arranged during the last 3 years. (Above numbers are given for the congresses which organized min. number of 1000 participants.)